Nicole is the founder of Nette Style & vintagebettyelaine. She is an aspiring entrepreneur that is passionate about giving back and inspiring others to live their best life, dream bigger and step out of their comfort zone.

She has a love for all things fashion (especially thrifted fashion), coffee, baseball (go Blue Jays!), exploring new places near & far and photography. She loves to challenge herself in learning new things and pushing her limits (hello hiking mountains when you’re afraid of heights). Nicole is known for her thrifty and classic yet unique style, her creativity and DIY skills and her tenacious, authentic, genuine personality.

She draws inspiration from her surroundings (whether in the middle of a city, perched on the side of a mountain or long drives in the country) and the people around her (both personally and public figures). She believes that it’s our stories that really connect us and that you never know who will be lifted or inspired by your story. That how we live each day is another puzzle piece in our ongoing, individual and beautiful story. We all have a story to share. What’s your story?

Let’s build something together.

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